Integral Blade Stabilizers (alloy steel)

IDS alloy stabilizers are manufactured from AISI 4145 H Modified steel, fully heat treated 10285-341 Brinell hardness and 40 ft. lbs. min. IZOD impact strength.

• Optional Stabilizers
• Spiral Integral Blade Stabilizer
• Straight Integral Blade Stabilizer
• Non Magnetic Integral Blade Stabilizer
• Sleeve Stabilizers, standard & heavy duty

When ordering please specify:
• Hole size or required blade O.D.
• Number of blades required (3 or 4 are standard styles)
• Straight or spiral blades
• Hardfacing type
• Top and Bottom Connections
• Body diameter required
• String or Near Bit application
• Alloy steel or non magnetic material
• Special features SRG, Bore Back Box or bored for float valves etc.