With industry experienced engineers and expert machine capabilities, IDS is able to offer a comprehensive range of in-house engineering services for clients.

Precision & General Engineering

IDS is ISO 9001/2015 accredited and is equipped with a full range of CNC and manual turning centres and milling machines, enabling an in-house engineering service to be offered to both national and international clients.

IDS Engineering Service

We are proud of our service offer which includes:

  • Flexible manufacturing capabilities for both CNC batch production as well as ‘One Off’ bespoke items and prototypes.
  • Fast turnaround Machining Service for excellent project lead times.
  • Expert machining of specialised threads including ‘API’.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of materials and material treatment processes.
  • Production of specialised down-hole drilling equipment for drilling applications including water well, mineral exploration and horizontal / directional, reverse circulation, offshore geotechnical & geological drilling.
  • Machining of free issue material if required by our clients.
IDS Production Capacity List